Interior Decoration is the furnishing or adorning of a space with fashionable or beautiful things. A good interior decorator will do this by personalizing the decor to match the owner’s tastes. Typical questions include:

1. What to you love about this room? and What do you hate?

2. What colors do you love? and What colors do you hate?

3. How do you use this room?

4. Do you have a style or a look that you love?

In other words, interior decorating, is all about you!

Home Staging is furnishing the space with fashionable or beautiful things. But more importantly, it’s about using appropriate sized furniture for the room, giving the room an identity, and depersonalizing so it appeals to the most buyers. For example, while you may use your dining room as a playroom because that is what works for your family, when staging, a dining room should look like a dining room.